Our portfolio of planters includes a variety of state-of-the-art materials and designs. You will be surprised!


Made-to-measure planters – individualized and timeless

Add a personal touch and choose from our wide range of planters from exclusive manufacturers.

Boundlessly creative

Whether natural materials or high-tech materials, playful, classic or futuristic – our creative freedom knows almost no bounds.

Eye-catchers with function – our magnificent indoor plants tirelessly ensure a healthy indoor climate.



Emphasize the features you want with our trendy line, perfectly tailored to the respective location.

Green all-rounders

Our plants fulfill many tasks, from room division to air freshening to privacy screens; they also help you slow down and create balance. Interior greening with added value, day after day.

Green Office

Modern office furnishings in harmony with nature and with plants that enable sustainable well-being in your everyday work life.


Surrounded by green life – vertical greening and murals by interia-green make it possible.


Living pictures

Liven up your walls and experience design that grounds you. With our living murals you emphasize green features, always modern and space-saving. With this décor that grows and changes, static is a thing of the past!

Simple and safe

Murals and vertical greenery from interia-green are characterized by simple assembly and convenient operation. Generous water tanks with watering indicators ensure an optimal and long-term supply.


With our natural décor made from real moss you are right on trend.


Timelessly modern

Our moss pictures are durable, trendy art objects, universally usable and always unique. Moss walls create a healthy atmosphere and bring nature to you – wherever you want it.

In harmony with nature

As natural design elements and handcrafted eye-catchers, our moss pictures and moss walls are decorative and calming.

Surprise yourself with the versatile design possibilities that moss pictures offer